We Are GG

We Are GG

We are GGLink , a creative agency based in London undertaking projects of any size or duration from all around the world. We work in web development and design from scratch, providing by our standards, web applications which are always secure and stable, perfectly working and coming with a stunning design which aims to enhance the functionalities of each product.

Our expertise and approach to web development and IT in general is very strong and passionate​. We really love what we do ​and we really love helping people to get the things done and solve problems using technology​. We have our way to do things, which combined with our excellent skill set, is an amazing deal for clients and other businesses as you can’t usually find such a level of expertise and professionalism combined to such a client-friendly behaviour, coming from a very flexible and fresh creative team.Nowadays, corporations run the show and people opt for freelancers in order to go cheaper, and sometimes this is a terrible choice because for some specific tasks some people will need a proper team to work with. Our team makes a significant difference staying in the middle of the chain: we aim to combine the quality and expertise of a skilled creative team with all the advantages of working with people who are not tied to strict corporate rules, or can’t think out of the same lines and processes every time that a new challenge approaches.

The final mission of GGLink team is to solve human problems using artificial intelligence to create powerful tools and solutions for humans, and other IT systems. The tagline for GGLink is ‘Softwares for the future’ because here at GG we build softwares which can satisfy your present and future needs simultaneously.

Currently GG is not only providing excellent services to its customers but also working on it’s own products. Currently we are working on Moksy which is a service from GG Link which will help you to find the best design template for your website. The templates have been professionally designed by our team of in-house designers and built by developers with over a decade of experience building bespoke sites for GG Link clients.

Moksy is just a tip of the iceberg. GGLink will introduce more creative and futuristic products because we build softwares for the future.

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