Moksy is a service from GG Link which will help you to find the best templates designed for your website. The templates have been professionally designed by our team of in-house designers and built by developers with over a decade of experience. It is an online website builder service which aims to provide customised and tailored web development and design services to the platform’s users, starting from the simple provision of HTML / CSS templates for websites which is free.

We know how much of a difference a good website can make for the business, which is why with Moksy, we want to make it easier for you to get started with bringing your business online or simply to refresh your existing site bringing it inline with modern web standards and design trends.

Once you find a template for your site, you can simply download it, and customise it the way you want. We can also host your site for you for a small fee if you need it.

How MOKSY Works:


Moksy by GG Link provides you with beautiful HTML/CSS web templates and site builder which have been designed in-house to create websites that look modern and professional, and work reliably.

  • Select a Template:

Choose you desired template from our template gallery.

  • Professional Customization Service:

We understand that not everyone has the time to customise a web template while running your business. For a small cost, you can call upon the talent of our expert developers to get your designs tailored to your needs. Once the template is ready, we will send that to you in a zip file with the designs.

  • Download Your Creation

Once you are happy with how the site looks, just download it. If you would like to have your creation out on the web, but don’t know where to start, we can help you out at GG Taskers. Learn more about GG Taskers.


The functional advantages of using Moksy are multiple: first thing first- Moksy is thought by web developers and designers which have a strong expertise in the creative industry, and so it aims to solve the most common problems that clients face when getting their creative web development jobs done.

There are three types of subscription :


  • 5 page template Free
  • Unlimited pages $2.99/per month
  • Unlimited Project and pages $29.99/per month

Besides all that, the economic advantage of using Moksy is just clear – the platform aims to offer from very small to important services charging a very competitive price and automatizing a big part of all the process to ensure delivery on time and a top quality service in which the user and client is always in full control of all the aspects with the freedom to slowly grow its website by just using the products and customization offered by Moksy.

There are thousands for website builders out there but what makes moksy better, we will let you decide it. As moksy is launching soon are eager for your feedback.

It’s easy. It’s free. It’s Moksy.

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