Know More About S&M

Know More About S&M


S&M is a garment manufacturing and wholesale-retail firm which is specialized in the production and retail of jeans in Bangladesh which was founded on 2005 . We have our own factory located at Jamgora, Savar Dhaka Bangladesh. More than 45+ workers are working there and they are capable of producing around 1500 products per day. Though the capacity varies due to shift in demand.

We believe in ensuring high quality products for our customers and also for the clients. We aspire healthy and quality work environment for our workers so that they can produce best quality products for your ultimate comfort. The concept of green factory was introduced at S&M by early 2018. As S&M is concerned about the health and working condition the main goal was to decrease the temperature in factory by planting trees in a pot. This way the workers can enjoy a green factory with a healthy environment.


Our slogan is COMFORT WITH STYLE because we believe that you look your best when you feel comfortable. We produce best quality denim for your everyday lifestyle because quality never goes out of style. The products we produce they are stylish and comfortable. S&M never compromises with its quality. The products are made from highest quality fabrics. The main goal of S&M is to create a global brand which meet the demand of global needs.


The S&M factory is managed by a team of 7 people who are working continuously for the improvement of workers as well as the products. The head office of S&M is located at Dorren Tower (level 10) 8A/10 Road no 13 Dhanmondi Dhaka 1209. The strategic plannings are done in this office. Thought S&M is not a fully fledged garments just yet but we have a good number of sewing and cutting machines. Right now there are 43 sewing machines and one cutting machines. S&M is specialized in sewing. There are a good number 3rd party clients who are really happy with our sewing service. Right now there are around 10 to 15 different style of S&M jeans and we are getting a good amount response from social media. It will soon when you will a S&M outlet in every big city of Bangladesh.

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