Our idea of product is based on the thoughts of Dieter Rams, who was Braun’s lead designer from 1955 to 1995 (40 years) and Vitsœ in the 60s, creating the stunning products that
revolutionized the approach to design.
“Less, but better.”
Dieter Rams ​has inspired Sir Jonathan Ive, who is currently the Chief Design Officer at Apple, a Company that has​ ​influenced worldwide trends through its industrial design​.
This philosophy has been explained and sustained by Dieter Rams by the creation of a simple set of rules to define the
“Good Design” concept, talking about the design’s involvement in the product’s usage and usability.
We have readapted these rules to be applicable to web design and development as a general philosophy, rather than a set of rules to follow. This philosophy does not want to suggest how to act or perform operations, but to introduce a new approach to the way design and development are usually thought of by the professionals working in the field.